92nd Izmir International Fair Welcomes Visitors

The 92nd Izmir International Fair continues to bring the world together at Kültürpark with a variety of colorful events, concerts, talks, shows, and games that appeal to all age groups over the weekend. The people of Izmir will celebrate the 101st anniversary of the city’s liberation with Tan Taşçı at the Çim Concerts Stage.

IZMIR (IGFA) – The 92nd Izmir International Fair continues to unite the world at Kültürpark in its 92nd year.

Organized with the theme of “Youth” in celebration of Izmir’s status as a finalist for the “2026 European Youth Capital,” the Izmir International Fair caters to all ages with a wide range of activities, from sports to arts, from knowledge competitions to artificial intelligence, from theater to talks, and from children to young adults.

The Youth Zone, specially prepared for this year, features youth civil society organizations, units related to youth work by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, and booths of sports clubs. Additionally, various activities such as adventure courses, ziplining, music and dance performances, talks, workshops, sports events, and e-sports are being organized.


The traditional Grass Concerts, Rock&More Stage, and Mogambo Nights, which have been an integral part of the Fair for many years, allow visitors to unwind and enjoy to the fullest. At the Çim Concerts Stage, Athena will perform tonight, Tan Taşçı on September 9, and Haluk Levent on September 10.

The concerts start at 21:00.

Tonight, the Rock&More Stage at Kültürpark’s 3rd Hall will bring Mengene to music lovers, starting at 20:00. Birsen Tezer will perform on September 8, and Hüsnü Arkan on September 9 at Mogambo Nights.

Meanwhile, various activities are being held for children, including a children’s club, children’s theater, living statues, pantomime, clown shows, and storytelling.

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