Biden Warns of ‘Project 2025’: A Threat to American Democracy

In a recent social media post, President Joe Biden issued a stark warning about “Project 2025,” a plan he claims could significantly alter the American democratic landscape. Biden’s post included a link to a website,, which details the alleged intentions and potential consequences of the project.

The website outlines a 920-page plan reportedly created by allies of former President Donald Trump. According to the site, Project 2025 aims to expand presidential powers, reduce democratic checks and balances, and centralize authority within the Oval Office, should Trump secure a second term in office.

Key Points of Project 2025:

  • Restricting Reproductive Rights Nationwide: The plan allegedly includes measures to limit reproductive freedoms across the country.
  • Political Retaliation: The document suggests Trump would use presidential powers to target political and personal adversaries.
  • Erosion of Constitutional Protections: It claims that the plan involves terminating certain constitutional safeguards.
  • Consolidation of Power: Project 2025 purportedly seeks to centralize power in the presidency, diminishing the role of other branches of government.
  • Undermining Democratic Checks and Balances: The blueprint is said to aim at weakening the mechanisms that prevent presidential overreach.
  • Economic Shifts: The site claims that the project would result in financial benefits for the ultra-wealthy at the expense of working families.

Biden’s warning is clear: “Project 2025 will destroy America. Look it up. We made it easy for you:” He urges Americans to review the detailed report themselves, emphasizing the gravity of the potential changes described.

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