Dr. Jill Biden Launches Campaign to Support Military Families

Today, Dr. Jill Biden announced the launch of Veterans and Military Families for Biden, an initiative aimed at supporting veterans and their families. Emphasizing the personal connection her family has to the military, she shared heartfelt stories from her own life.

Dr. Biden recounted her father’s service in World War II as a Navy signalman and her son Beau’s service in the Delaware Army National Guard, including his year-long deployment to Iraq in 2003.

“We know what it’s like to wait to connect on a lagging phone call from across the world. To smile through another holiday with an empty chair at the table,” she said, highlighting the emotional toll military service can take on families.

Dr. Biden assured veterans and military families that they are seen and valued. “You are our family. And Joe will always fight for you,” she concluded, reinforcing the Biden family’s commitment to those who serve.

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