Fires in Western Thrace Threaten Edirne

The fires that have been ongoing in Western Thrace on the European side of Turkey have approached the border villages of Edirne’s Meriç district.

Erdoğan DEMİR / EDİRNE (IGFA) – Although the fires that broke out in Dedeağaç are largely under control on the 16th day, flames continue to flare up in some areas of the region.

While the fire in the Dadia Forest in Western Thrace continues, the size of the fire can be seen from the villages on the Turkish side.

The forest fire, which has been ongoing for about 16 days, continues to advance along the Turkey-Greece border. Due to the effect of the wind, the flames, at times, reach a frightening scale and can be seen from the border villages connected to Edirne’s Meriç district. In the village of Küplü in Meriç, located opposite the region where the fire continues, the magnitude of the fire is evident.

Gökmen Altay, the Mayor of Küplü Municipality, expressed their concern about the fires, stating, “The fires that have been ongoing in Greece for two weeks have been moving from south to north, making themselves felt in various areas. At the moment, it is approaching the Sofulu municipality, opposite our village of Kadıdondurma. We wish all the best to the people there. We also want this fire to be extinguished as soon as possible by the Greek government because these forests are our lifeline as well.”

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