First Global Agreement with Atletico Madrid

Help Steps, the first health application from Turkey that has spread worldwide and turned steps into donations, has now signed a collaboration agreement with the global giant Atletico Madrid, following its partnerships with Turkey’s four major football clubs: Fenerbahçe, Galatasaray, Beşiktaş, and Trabzonspor!

The CEO of Help Steps, Gözde Venedik, and her team traveled to Spain to sign the agreement, where they were warmly welcomed by Atletico Madrid Club officials. The event, which took place at Civitas Metropolitano Stadium, was attended by Adelardo Rodriguez, President of the Atletico Madrid Foundation, and legendary player Roberto Fresnedoso.

Emphasizing the importance of the collaboration agreement, club officials adorned the entire stadium with “Welcome Help Steps” signs and expressed their happiness in realizing this socially responsible partnership. They also mentioned that they have planned how the steps taken will be used for various social responsibilities. The event, which received great interest from the Spanish press, concluded with a tour of the Atletico Madrid Museum and the entire stadium, introducing the club’s history.

Help Steps, the application founded by Turkish female entrepreneur Gözde Venedik and made available for worldwide use, continues to facilitate the spread of the “movement of kindness” by reaching new users every day.

Regarding the collaboration, Gözde Venedik, CEO of Help Steps, said, “We are extremely happy to collaborate with Atletico Madrid, the first global sports club. This is just the beginning. As users support their favorite sports clubs by donating their steps through the app, they will also improve their sports habits. Our surprises for our users will continue to grow.”


Fans will be able to support sports, education, and various social responsibility initiatives by donating their steps to the Atletico Madrid Foundation through the application. The Atletico Madrid Foundation, which values promoting and enhancing the fundamental principles and values of sports in society and contributing to the education, personal, and social development of individuals, especially children and adolescents, has begun planning to make the most effective use of their fans’ steps.

Users can convert their steps into HS (Help Steps) and make donations to a chosen organization using the app. They can also contribute their steps to the sports clubs they support. These collaborations, met with great enthusiasm from fans, now provide Atletico Madrid fans from 161 countries with the opportunity to donate their steps through the Help Steps application.


With 1.6 million users in 161 countries worldwide, Help Steps has supported more than 26 individuals in need so far. It has enabled donations to various organizations with a total of 265 billion HS steps. Help Steps has facilitated the donation of approximately 16 tons of food to animal welfare organizations, provided scholarships to 160 students, and contributed to the planting of approximately 7,580 trees through step donations.


Users can download the Help Steps app for free from Google Play and the App Store. While going about their daily activities, such as walking, cycling, or running, their steps accumulate in the Help Steps app, which also functions as a pedometer. Users can then convert their steps into HS points by watching a short advertisement before midnight. These HS points can be saved or donated to individual beneficiaries in need, non-governmental organizations, or sports clubs through the app.

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