iOS 17 Arrives on Which Phones: New Features, Innovations, and More

iOS 17 is the latest and most advanced operating system released by Apple for the iPhone. iOS 17 introduces new and exciting updates to communication apps. StandBy offers a new way to experience your iPhone while it’s charging. AirDrop makes sharing easier, and smart typing enhancements increase typing speed and accuracy.

Some of the notable features of iOS 17 include:

Fun Calls: With iOS 17, users can give incoming calls a completely new look. The call screen can be personalized with customizable photos and Memojis. Additionally, the Live Voicemail feature displays real-time transcriptions, allowing users to respond to callers.

StandBy: StandBy provides a full-screen view that can be displayed when you charge your iPhone horizontally. It can be used with features such as the clock, calendar, digital photo frame, or widget stacks. StandBy can also be controlled using voice commands.

Contact Posters: Another feature introduced with iOS 17 is Contact Posters, allowing users to personalize how they appear to their contacts. Contact Posters can be customized with photos, Memojis, typography, and font colors, giving incoming calls a fresh look.

NameDrop: NameDrop is a new version of AirDrop. With NameDrop, two iPhones can share information, files, and start SharePlay by simply touching each other. It also offers a different interface for easier recognition of nearby devices.

Live Voicemail: Live Voicemail converts voicemails into text in real-time, providing an opportunity to respond to the caller. When the “Silence Unknown Callers” feature is enabled, unknown numbers are directed to Live Voicemail, helping to filter out spam calls.

Messages: Voice messages are automatically transcribed into text, making it easier to reply by swiping on the text bubble. The new expandable menu provides easy access to all iMessage apps.

FaceTime: You can send video or audio messages when the recipient can’t answer your FaceTime call. Additionally, you can use your iPhone as a camera to initiate a FaceTime call directly from the FaceTime app on your Apple TV or transfer the call from your iPhone to your television.

QuickPath: With this feature, you can quickly type text by swiping your fingers on the keyboard. You can also easily edit and format the text with the text editing feature.

Siri: You no longer need to say “Hey” to activate Siri; simply saying “Siri” will access the voice assistant. Siri can now recognize sequential commands, allowing you to ask follow-up questions.

Widgets: Users can interact with widgets by tapping or dragging them to interact with apps. For example, you can pause or skip a song by tapping on the Music widget.

Health: The Health app includes new features like mood tracking and journaling. Users can record their moods and add photos, voice messages, or text to their journals. The Health app also offers personalized recommendations and writing tips.

Maps: You can save an area on the map to your iPhone and explore it offline. Location cards display information such as business hours and ratings, and you can get turn-by-turn directions when driving or walking.

Which Phones Support iOS 17?

If you have a model newer than the iPhone XR or XS, you can download and install iOS 17. However, if you have an older model like the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, or X, iOS 17 may not be compatible, and you may need to consider purchasing a new iPhone.

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