Trump Criticizes Biden: “Will Dispatch Crooked Joe on Permanent Retirement”

Former President Donald Trump has issued a series of harsh criticisms against current President Joe Biden on his official website, claiming that Biden will soon be sent into permanent retirement.

The website stated, “President Trump will dispatch Crooked Joe on a permanent retirement soon enough,” underscoring Trump’s belief that Biden’s tenure is marked by repeated blunders and incompetence.

In the same post, a series of Biden’s recent gaffes were highlighted:

  • Mistaking the Year: “I will beat him again in 2020!”
  • Confusing Dates: Biden claimed the job numbers announced in the morning were actually announced the previous day, which was Independence Day, a federal holiday.
  • Threatening Trump: Biden threatened to “exile” President Trump.
  • Teleprompter Struggles: Biden battled his teleprompter repeatedly.
  • Number Confusion: “Five billion trillion trillion not billion five trillion!”
  • Stage Disorientation: Biden got lost trying to leave the stage, asking, “Where am I going?”
  • Bizarre Statement: Biden proclaimed he was going to “come in the overflow room,” leaving many puzzled.

The website post concluded with a pointed question: If Biden can’t even make it through a teleprompter speech without embarrassing himself, how can he be trusted with another term? The answer, according to Trump’s site, is that he can’t. However, they believe that “the same lying, cheating Democrats who perpetrated the fraud that is his presidency” will attempt to support him once again.

Trump’s team remains confident that the former president will soon ensure Biden’s “permanent retirement” from politics.

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