Trump’s media advisor calls on Turkish American community

Former US President Donald Trump’s Media Advisor Melih Göğebakan, who started his election campaign, announced the decisive steps they have taken for the future of America. / USA (IGFA) – Melih Göğebakan, Media Advisor of former US President Donald Trump, who started working for the US Presidential elections, made a written statement.

Providing information about the future of America and the steps to be taken for the welfare of citizens, Göğebakan addressed the Turkish American community for this purpose.

Noting that they expect support from the Turkish American community, Göğebakan said, “Today, I would like to emphasize our determination to inform the Turkish community living in America in order to inform the Turkish community living in America about the decisive steps to be taken for the united future of America and the welfare of its citizens. We continue our efforts to serve the interests of the Turkish community in the United States and to lead them to a stronger tomorrow. We strive to do our best to shape America as a safer, more prosperous and fairer America. Mr. When Mr. Trump becomes president, the economic reforms and security policies we have realized will continue to have a positive impact on the Turkish individual living in America; positive changes will be experienced all over America with the projects we have realized in the fields of business for the Turkish community.”

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