TURKSAT 6A Starts Its Space Journey

Turkey’s first domestic and national communication satellite TÜRKSAT 6A, developed by Turkish engineers with domestic facilities, will start its journey towards its orbit tonight. With the participation of Abdulkadir Uraloğlu, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, TÜRKSAT 6A will be launched at 00:20 from SpaceX’s Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, USA. Following this important launch at midnight, President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will share a video message. Minister Uraloğlu will convey this excitement to Turkey via live connection from Kennedy Space Centre.

“We will be one of the 11 countries”

Minister Uraloğlu, who followed the latest situation on site before the launch of the satellite, said, “Our preparations for the launch operations are continuing smoothly. Together with our team, we are meticulously following the final preparations before the launch. Tonight, God willing, we will successfully launch TÜRKSAT 6A, the symbol of our independence, and we will be one of the 11 countries that produce their own satellites and we will put our signature in space.”

“The tests will take about 1 month”

Giving information about the process to be experienced after the launch of the satellite, Minister Uraloğlu said, “Our satellite, which will set off with the chemical propulsion system after the launch, will reach its permanent orbit at a distance of 35 thousand 786 kilometres at 42 degrees East longitude. We plan to start orbit tests here. After the tests, which will take approximately one month, we will receive our satellite and put it into operation.”

Stating that TÜRKSAT 6A was produced with a localisation rate of over 80 percent, Uraloğlu said: “Our satellite will be able to meet Turkey’s satellite communication needs with its communication services, especially TV broadcasting, and its wide coverage area. In addition, India, Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia, which are not served by existing satellites, will also be covered, and 5 billion people will be served.”

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