US Police Captured Four Thieves by Barking Like a K-9 Dog

Selin YILDIRIM / USA (IGFA) – Police officers in the state of Washington, USA, resorted to an unusual method to apprehend four suspects who had stolen a car and fled into the forest.

On August 18th, University Place Police Officers responded to a report of a stolen vehicle at the Cemetery on Chambers Creek Way. Spike strips were deployed on the road route the vehicle was expected to take. However, despite all four tires being punctured, the thieves managed to escape in the vehicle.

An Unconventional Approach to Apprehension

Later on, a report came in that the stolen vehicle was found empty and in working condition on Bridgeport Way. The local police had cordoned off the area and began searching for the culprits. One of the officers spotted two of the fleeing suspects in a creek bed and resorted to a very unconventional method to capture them.

The police officer barked like a K-9 dog several times, and the four young individuals emerged from the creek bed and surrendered.

The suspects stated that they believed the dog barking was real.

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