Vivo V29 defies water and dust: Full score in lab tests

Dirt, dust and water ingress can pose a great danger to cell phones, which are indispensable both in our daily lives and day and night for work, and can shorten the life of the phones. For this reason, the device’s resistance to dust, dirt, soil, rain or water becomes the most important preference criterion for consumers when buying a phone. Users can have an idea about how resistant a smartphone is to external factors thanks to the international IP standard. In the four-character IP standard codes, the first two characters, “I” and “P”, represent the ingress protection of the device. The first digit indicates how good the protection is against small solids such as dust/sand, while the second digit indicates protection against water or liquid.

IP68, the highest level of durability standard today, means that the smartphone has a high level of protection against dust and water. The “6” in the IP68 certificate means that there is absolutely no dust ingress and the device can withstand small dust particles, including sand and dirt, while the “8” means that the phone has been tested to withstand a depth of up to 1.5 meters for 30 minutes if dropped or submerged in water and can work in water for a long time.

vivo V29 gets full marks in lab tests

Although IP68 certification has become a must-have feature in most flagship smartphones today, it is not possible for everyone to own flagship models. vivo offers consumers a powerful and high quality phone with IP68 certification for water and dust resistance with the V29 model, which brings flagship features to mid-segment smartphones. The vivo V29, which has undergone serious laboratory tests to obtain this certificate, offers its users the opportunity to use it with peace of mind even in the rain, while doing sports, in a steamy bathroom environment, on the beach, in construction and construction sites. Users can even take photos and videos underwater smoothly and safely with the V29’s advanced 50 MP OIS Ultra Detection Camera, which can continue to work comfortably and smoothly without being affected by situations such as falling into water or spilling liquid on it. Technology enthusiasts who keep their cell phones in their hands regardless of rain and mud can use them without worrying about water damage in the pool or in heavy rain, in harsh natural conditions while trekking or during work at the construction site without worrying about dust and dirt.

Star Light, powerful performance, large memory and long battery life

With the V29’s “Star Light” and studio-level photography capabilities integrated into the smartphone, it is possible to capture the most beautiful frames and shoot the best videos even at night and in dark environments. The phone’s advanced 50 MP OIS Ultra Sensing Camera ensures extremely stable images and delivers exceptional image quality in photos and videos, even at night and in low light conditions. V29 5G also offers superior performance in selfies and group selfies with the superior features of its front camera, which offers an experience beyond the limitation of a single camera.

vivo V29 features

With the phone’s 50 MP AF front camera and Autofocus Group Selfie function, users get ultra clarity and brightness in group selfies and can easily fit all their loved ones in the frame in crowded group shots. Running on the Qualcomm Snapdragon® 778G mobile platform that provides powerful performance and uninterrupted 5G connectivity, V29 5G offers users ample storage space with 8 GB RAM + 8 GB Extended RAM thanks to the Memory Booster feature. Offering long-lasting use with its powerful 4600 mAh (TYP) battery, V29 also features 80W Flash Charging that can charge the phone from 1 percent to 50 percent in just 18 minutes. In addition to all these features, V29 5G aims to leave its competitors behind with its curved AMOLED screen, the first in its segment. Moreover, vivo Turkey gives 2 major Android update warranty and 3 years Android security update warranty to the V29 model.

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