At the Esendere Customs Gate in Turkey, 153 kilograms of heroin were seized

Edirne, Turkey – In an operation conducted by the Customs Enforcement and Intelligence Directorate at the Esendere Customs Gate, 153 kilograms of heroin were seized in a truck destined for Belgium via our country.

As part of efforts to combat narcotics, risk analysis studies were conducted by the Esendere Customs Enforcement Smuggling and Intelligence Directorate, leading to the initiation of a vehicle inspection for the mentioned truck entering the customs area. The vehicle was subjected to X-ray scanning.

Upon detecting suspicious anomalies during the scanning, the truck was directed to a search hangar.

During the physical search conducted meticulously in the hangar with the assistance of a narcotics detection dog, the dog exhibited reactions. The presence of powdery substances in the areas the dog focused on led to a drug test, which confirmed that the substance in question was heroin. A detailed search and examination resulted in the seizure of a total of 153 kilograms of heroin. Thanks to the successful operation by the Customs Enforcement teams, the narcotics in the vehicle, which was destined for Belgium from Turkey, were confiscated.

The investigation is ongoing under the supervision of the Yüksekova Public Prosecutor’s Office.

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