Caglar Söyüncü “I am happy to be here again!”

National footballer Çağlar Söyüncü, who is in Austria for the second stage of Fenerbahçe’s new season preparations, met with the press members after the morning training.

Söyüncü shared his thoughts about the camp, transfer process, new season jerseys, team chemistry and the national team.

“We also have a legendary coach”

“We also have a legendary coach. A coach who has proven himself in the world. We have a very nice environment. I hope we can get through these stages without any injuries and be ready for our first official match.” Söyüncü said, “When our coach was at Tottenham, I was playing for Leicester City. We had a humorous conversation in a rival match there. Then we played against each other again in the Leicester-Roma match in the Conference League. We had conversations but nothing serious. But I knew that our coach wanted me and I was very happy when I came here, so I came here without thinking.”

“Maybe the words we say will be very clichéd, but it is not for us to comment on the coach.” said Söyüncü and continued his words as follows;

The coach is a world-class person who has proven himself. We are very lucky both as his footballers and as a country. It is very important for the country, for us, for the players coming out of the infrastructure that such names come to our country. When you look at it right now, 16, 17, 18 year old youngsters in the team are training with Jose Mourinho, this is a great chance. Therefore, we should appreciate such names. We should show more of the value they show. We are very happy about this.

“I’m really sorry I couldn’t be there because of my injury”

I congratulate all our friends and coaches in the national team. We got out of the group very well. Don’t we have deficiencies, of course we do, but we are playing matches that are not rematches. I congratulate all my teammates for this, they are fighting very well. I am really sorry that I couldn’t be there because of my injury, but there is good in everything. I wish success to my friends there. I believe that we will pass the round with the highest level performance in the Netherlands match.

“We have a lot of quality as a team”

I talk to my national team mates after every match. I also spoke to my teammates after the Portugal match. So we have no problems in that regard. As for your question about the tactical perspective of our coach, we are all ready, we have to be ready. Whatever our coach decides, whether it is three or four, we have to keep ourselves ready. We have a lot of quality as a team. Especially it was very important that this squad was kept intact. We must keep ourselves ready.

“The formation and format of the Champions League needs to change”

The formation and format of the Champions League needs to change. Our score as a country has improved a lot recently. We opened the season early and it will be a long season. We always talk to our friends and I saw it when I came here. I can say that we are a very happy team. Everyone can already see this. Therefore, I don’t have any thoughts about the season being long. We will always try to do our best. It doesn’t matter for us whether the season is long or short.

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