How can I watch the Manchester United-Crystal Palace match?

The Premier League excitement continues without slowing down. The 7th week of the Premier League kicks off with thrilling matches. Manchester United, who has extended their lead over Manchester City to 9 points, will be seeking victory against Crystal Palace. This match, taking place at Old Trafford Stadium, holds great importance for both Manchester United and Crystal Palace fans.

On the other hand, there is curiosity about when Altay Bayındır, who was transferred from Fenerbahçe to Manchester United for a transfer fee of 5 million euros, will make his debut.

When will Altay Bayındır play?

The question of when Altay Bayındır, who has been included in the squad for three matches so far but has not yet had the chance to play, will wear the Manchester United jersey is a topic of interest. According to a report by Daily Mail, Altay Bayındır will make his first appearance against Galatasaray.

How can I watch the Premier League?

Cable subscribers have the option to watch selected live matches from the 2023-2024 season on NBC networks, which include USA Network, NBC Sports, and local NBC channels. Watching Premier League matches without a cable subscription is simpler than you may think. NBC has you covered; you can access all 380 Premier League games through NBC,, USA Network, and Peacock.

The Manchester United-Crystal Palace match will start at 10:00 AM U.S. Eastern Time.

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