How to Watch the ‘Continental’ Series from the John Wick Universe?

The thrilling series that sheds light on the origins of the legendary assassin hotel, the Continental, is now available for viewers to enjoy. Starring Colin Woodell, Ayomide Adegun, and Mel Gibson, this 3-episode series presents a new exciting episode every Friday!

Last week, the first episode of the Continental series aired, delving into the violent history of the Continental, the iconic assassin hotel in the John Wick universe. Set in 1970s New York, the story follows Winston Scott’s struggle triggered by his brother’s attack on the Continental. This bloody action drama explores the gripping conflict between family ties, destiny, and revenge.


Winston Scott: Winston, a handsome, intelligent, and suave businessman, returns to New York from London when he becomes a suspect in a criminal case. His goal is to find his missing brother, Frankie.

Charon: Young Charon is Cormac’s trusted assistant. As events unfold, his loyalty will be tested, and he will have to choose between his protector and a potential new family.

Cormac: Cormac, the feared crime boss of New York and the manager of the Continental, wields significant power. He drags Winston into the criminal underworld due to something valuable that Frankie stole.

KD: KD, a detective in the New York Police Department, has no tolerance for corruption that harms the police force. Determined to uncover criminal activities in the city, she inadvertently becomes entangled in the world of the Continental.

Where Can I Watch The Continental Series?

This stunning series, which will captivate John Wick fans, invites you on an action-packed and mysterious journey. With the first two episodes already released, the series will conclude next Friday. Those who want to embark on a journey into the enchanting world of the Continental can watch the series on the Amazon Prime platform.

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