Journey to the Works of Jack London: Book Reading Guide

Jack London is known as one of the most important figures in American literature and his impressive works are characterized by nature, adventure and the exploration of human instincts. London’s pen skillfully reflects the power of wild nature and the difficult struggle of man.

Here is a reading order of his masterpieces for a journey into the works of Jack London:

  1. The Call of the Wild
    One of London’s most iconic works, “The Call of the Wild” tells the story of how a dog responds to the call of the wild. As you read Buck’s adventure in the harsh conditions of Alaska, you will discover the power of nature and human instincts.
  2. White Fang
    Another classic, “White Fang” explores in depth the relationship between nature and man. The story of White Fang, who tries to survive in the cold and cruel nature of Alaska, tells the reader about the power of nature and the compassion of man.
  3. Martin Eden
    London’s “Martin Eden”, which has autobiographical elements, tells the story of a young writer who achieves success through self-education. The novel emphasizes the power of self-determination and the struggles of human beings.
  4. The Iron Heel
    This political dystopia depicts the rise of a future totalitarian regime. While criticizing the excesses of capitalism, London also depicts the struggle of the working class. “The Iron Ox” provokes deep social and political reflection.
  5. The Sea-Wolf
    Sea Wolf tells the story of a sailor who is taken on board a rescue ship after a maritime disaster. The novel is a supernatural adventure that explores the darker aspects of human nature and its power.
  6. Son of the Sun
    “Son of the Sun” is a love story set in Alaska and reflects London’s passion for the North. A love story blended with Native American culture offers readers a unique experience.

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