Beware of wrong epilation practices!

Genital darkening, which is not a disease but can be triggered by many causes, disturbs women aesthetically. Experts argue that such problems also negatively affect sexual self-confidence in women. So is there a treatment for genital darkening? How is it applied? Who can benefit? Are there risks and side effects? Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Op. Dr. Âzer Aras Uluğ explained all the details.

Stating that darkening of the genital area is not a health problem, but aesthetically disturbs women, Op. Dr. Âzer Aras Uluğ listed the main reasons and said, “In women, we can list hormonal changes, laser epilation, hot waxing, hot applications, weight gain, weight loss, excessive sunbathing, changes due to friction, changes due to aging. Genital darkening can also be caused by the fact that this area is wetter and more humid, as well as if the genital area is stuffy. Many changes can occur in the body during childbirth and pregnancy. The biggest of these is the increase in the hormone estrogen. The body can secrete some hormones more to adapt to the pregnancy process and birth. This can cause darkening in the genital area. In addition, since the drugs used to protect against pregnancy make changes in the levels of hormones, they can cause darkening because they contain some estrogen.”

Excessive sunbathing causes genital darkening
Stating that staying in the sun too long can also cause genital darkening, Dr. Âzer Aras Uluğ said, “Staying in the sun for a long time is one of the underlying problems of darkening in the genital area. Changes in color pigments are the main cause of darkening.
Although people sunbathe with the genital area covered, the exposure of other areas to sunlight also affects the genital area. Therefore, even if you protect the genital area, too much sun exposure causes darkening in the area.” He spoke as follows.

Listing the factors that cause darkening in the genital area in detail, Op. Dr. Âzer Aras Uluğ continued his words as follows.

Wrong underwear selection causes darkening in the genital area
Women’s wrong underwear preferences can increase blackening. The vagina is a slightly moist organ, so the airlessness of this area and the use of nylon-based underwear that will cause airlessness trigger blackening. In addition, since frictional underwear causes the area to sweat more, blackening may also be inevitable.

Darkening with age

Another cause of genital darkening is the aging factor. As the age progresses, some changes begin to occur in the skin structure. Together with hormonal changes, these skin changes trigger darkening. Therefore, just as spots appear on our hands, arms and face with aging, such darkening can also occur in the genital area.

Wrong epilation practices are an important cause of genital darkening

Hair removal methods used by women; methods such as hot waxing, laser hair removal, razor shaving can cause darkening because they cause skin damage. In addition, infections such as recurrent fungal infections can also cause darkening.

Genital darkening affects women’s sexual self-confidence

Stating that genital darkening is aesthetically disturbing for women and may even cause self-confidence problems in sexual life, Dr. Âzer Aras Uluğ said, “Darkening in the genital area can affect women’s self-confidence and cause them to move away from sexuality. In fact, this is not a health problem, but it can aesthetically disturb women. Therefore, women want to get rid of this problem as soon as possible and have a lighter genital area appearance.” He used his expressions.

Solutions are offered for 5-10 minute transactions

Sharing the details of genital lightening procedures used today, Dr. Âzer Aras Uluğ said, “There are three types of solution methods for genital darkening. The first is chemical peelers, the second is color lightening mesotherapy products and PRP, and the other is laser color lightening applications. The most effective method among these and the method that we can get successful results in the shortest time is the carbon dioxide laser method. With carbon dioxide laser applications applied to the outer lips and groin, 1-2 tons of lightening can be achieved in a single session. This method is a permanent method and you will not experience darkening again. I am opening an additional parenthesis here. The person should not have a darkening problem due to a systemic disease. The method is easy, painless and painless. It takes approximately 5-10 minutes and can be applied in a clinical setting. After the procedure, the person can return to his/her daily life immediately after the application, which does not require any rest or medication. After the procedure, sexual intercourse, entering the pool and sea are prohibited for 3 days. After the session, the person is re-evaluated one month later. If the patient wants to continue to lighten the color, second and third sessions can also be applied to the patient.” He said.

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