Protest in support of Palestine in the US… A motorcade formed and drove around the city!

Hundreds of people, mostly Palestinians, took to the streets in Paterson, New Jersey, a city with a large Muslim population, to protest against Israel. Police remained vigilant throughout the day to ensure the smooth dispersal of the demonstrators who made a convoy of support on Main Street after the press conference organized in the city.

Özlem Özgüt YÖREKLİ – / USA (IGFA) – Following the offensive launched by Hamas militants on October 7, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has escalated, killing hundreds and injuring thousands.

This situation has led to protests in some parts of the United States, as in many countries around the world.

Especially in Paterson, where the Muslim and Arab population is densely populated, demonstrations in support of Palestine were organized.

According to New York Representative Özlem Özgüt Yörekli, a group of protesters gathered at Main and Gould Park on Main Street and made a press statement. After the statement, the protesters made a convoy of support and drove around the city with their vehicles flying Palestinian flags.

Police patrolled the protests throughout the day to ensure that the pro-Palestinian crowd dispersed smoothly and that there were no incidents.

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