The Troya Cultural Path Festival Has Begun

The Troya Cultural Path Festival, the fourth stop of the Turkey Cultural Path Festivals organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, has commenced under the coordination of the Çanakkale Battles Gallipoli Historical Area Presidency. The opening of the festival was attended by Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Dr. Batuhan Mumcu, Çanakkale Governor İlhami Aktaş, General Director of Research and Education at the Ministry of Culture and Tourism Selim Terzi, and President of the Çanakkale Battles Gallipoli Historical Area İsmail Kaşdemir.

The Turkey Cultural Path Festivals, organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism to contribute to Turkey’s international brand value, have reached their fourth destination in Çanakkale. As part of the festival activities in Çanakkale, a procession was organized along the Çanakkale Kordon Boyu. The procession, which started at Çanakkale İskele Square, was attended by Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Dr. Batuhan Mumcu, Deputy Minister of Culture from North Macedonia Daim Luçi, and other protocol members. The procession, which included folk dance teams from Northern Cyprus, Macedonia, Russia, and Iran, concluded at Morabbin Park, where the folk dance teams from guest countries presented their performances. Additionally, mannequins depicted scenes from the Çanakkale Battles along the Kordon Boyu.


The Interuniversity Board of Fine Arts Education Council held its annual meeting for the first time within the framework of the Turkey Cultural Path Festivals. During the meeting held in Çanakkale as part of the Troya Cultural Path Festival, opportunities for mutual cooperation in culture, art, and education were discussed. Moreover, an exhibition titled “Synthesis Traces,” featuring works from various disciplines of art faculties from all over Turkey, was opened as part of the festival. The mixed exhibition, consisting of a total of 50 works, bearing the name “Synthesis Traces,” physically and digitally met the people of Çanakkale at Anadolu Hamidiye Tabyası 9. Bonet.


The exhibition “Atatürk’s Eternal Journey,” which documents the moments of unity and emotion of the Turkish nation during the ceremony held after the passing of the founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, has opened for visitation at Anadolu Hamidiye Tabyası 10. Bonet. The photographs displayed in the exhibition were carefully selected from a special album preserved in the rich archive of the National Library. Each photograph provides a window into the atmosphere, emotions, and the people’s devotion of that day, allowing visitors to witness significant moments in history.


The exhibition “Devrim Erbil’s Colors” by prominent Turkish artist Devrim Erbil is hosting visitors at the Çanakkale House throughout the festival. The selection features examples of the artist’s unique and captivating works created through various techniques, bringing together the enchanting world of art with Çanakkale’s historical and cultural richness.


As part of the festival, a Sema ceremony took place at the Gelibolu Mevlevihanesi. During the Sema ceremony, Mesnevi lessons were provided by Postnişin Mehmet Fatih Çıtlak, followed by a Sema performance.


On the first day of the Troya Cultural Path Festival, the famous artist Ferhat Göçer performed at an open-air concert held at Anadolu Hamidiye Tabyası. Thousands of Çanakkale residents enjoyed Ferhat Göçer’s songs to the fullest.

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