Uludağ Premium Ultra Trail starts

The excitement of ‘Uludağ Premium Ultra Trail’, which will be held for the 7th time this year with the support and contributions of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, will be experienced in Uludağ on 12-13-14 July with the participation of more than 2500 athletes from 35 countries. Metropolitan Mayor Mustafa Bozbey said, “The magnificent nature of Uludağ will offer an unforgettable race to all runners.”

An Exciting Run at the Summit of Uludağ

‘Uludağ Premium Ultra Trail’ trail run, which will be held for the 7th time this year at the summit of Uludağ with the contributions of the Metropolitan Municipality, which aims to spread sports to the grassroots and bring all Bursa residents together with sports, starts on Saturday, 13 July. The athletes will meet in Uludağ on 12 July and the races will take place on 13 July. Over 2500 athletes from 35 different countries will sweat in the ‘Uludağ Premium Ultra Trail’, which will end with the trophy ceremony on Sunday, 14 July.

Races and Categories

The race, which will be hosted by the Uludağ Area Presidency and coordinated by the Metropolitan Municipality Youth and Sports Services Department, will be held in 1 general classification and 4 different age categories. ‘Uludağ Premium Ultra Trail’ will offer all athletes a challenging and enjoyable racing experience in touch with nature. The longest stage of the race, which will host local and foreign athletes of all levels with 66, 30, 16 and 6 kilometre stages, will be 100 kilometres. Athletes will try to reach the finish line by passing Cennet Hill, Kirazlı Plateau, Süleymaniye, Hünkar Mansion, Zeyniler, Cumalıkızık, Kürekli Waterfall, Saitabat Waterfall, Glacial Ponds, Uludağ Summit, Softaboğan Waterfall, Bakacak, Kurbağakaya and Sarıalan.

“We will run for a healthy and quality life”

Stating that tens of thousands of steps are taken unknowingly in the hustle and bustle of life and that life is spent in a hurry to catch up somewhere, Mayor Mustafa Bozbey stated that turning the compulsory steps into a conscious and enjoyable activity will help to take a short break in life.Stating that they supported the ‘Uludağ Premium Ultra Trail’ trail run held on 12-13-14 July with great happiness, Mayor Bozbey said, “We will run together for three days for a healthy and quality life.Being a city that understands the value of sports is the key to building a healthy society not only physically but also spiritually.
With the unifying power of sports, it is possible to overcome differences, reinforce unity and solidarity and walk together on the road to a better future. We need to give much more space in our lives to sports, which is the shortest and most accurate way to live a long and high-quality as well as enjoyable, energetic and fit life. I believe that the ‘Uludağ Premium Ultra Trail’ trail run will offer an unforgettable race to all runners by combining the magnificent nature and local texture of the Uludağ environment.”

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