5 healthy formulas for a fit body

As the summer months approach, it has become a common behavior to turn to fad diets with the goal of a “summer body”. However, Dyt. Berna Ertuğ from Memorial Antalya Hospital Nutrition and Diet Department suggests healthier and permanent solutions instead of the pressure and extreme measures these diets bring. Berna Ertuğ suggests healthier and permanent solutions instead of the pressure and extreme measures brought by these diets.

Measure Your Metabolic Rate

The first step to healthy weight loss is to accurately measure metabolic rate. Dyt. Ertuğ says, “Metabolic rate measurement is one of the first steps that can be taken to lose healthy weight by choosing the right foods.” This measurement is based on a person’s oxygen consumption capacity and takes about 10-15 minutes. The results help to create personalized nutrition programs.

Avoid Wrong Diets

Unconscious diets to lose weight fast can lead to unhealthy results in the long run. “The right diet is personalized and is shaped by the combination of many factors such as age, body structure, height and gender,” says Ertuğ, adding that hasty behavior and wrong diets can lead to muscle loss instead of fat. Metabolic rate should be measured by oxygen consumption method and detailed body analysis should be performed.

Do Not Starve

Instead of fasting all day to lose weight, it may be more effective to divide food into 3 main meals and 1-2 snacks. This approach keeps blood sugar in balance, prevents sweet crises and reduces the desire to overeat.

“4 Leaf Clover” Model

The “4-leaf clover” model of healthy eating recommends consuming appropriate amounts of the right food groups. These groups are milk and dairy products, meat-legumes-eggs-cheese, bread-cereals and fruits and vegetables. Dietitians determine the amounts to be taken from these groups while creating the most appropriate diet program for the person.

Support a Healthy Diet with Movement

In addition to healthy eating habits, regular exercise and water consumption should not be neglected. Activities such as swimming, outdoor exercise and drinking plenty of water are recommended in summer. Dyt. Ertuğ said, “Swimming is very relaxing in summer and allows you to lose weight without realizing it. Drink an average of 2.5 liters of water a day and avoid drinks high in sugar and caffeine,” says Ertuğ. In addition, early morning workouts and outdoor walks can support the weight loss process.

A Balanced Approach for a Healthy Summer

As a result, the approach to summer diets should be rethought and healthy eating habits should be adopted for the long term. Dyt. Ertuğ’s recommendations are a guide for those who want to stay fit in the summer months and offer permanent and healthy solutions.

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